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KMime::Content Class Reference

#include <kmime_content.h>

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Detailed Description

This class encapsulates a mime-encoded content. It parses the given data and creates a tree-like structure, that represents the structure of the message

Definition at line 66 of file kmime_content.h.

Public Types

enum  articleType { ATmimeContent, ATremote, ATlocal }
typedef QPtrList< KMime::ContentList

Public Member Functions

void addContent (Content *c, bool prepend=false)
virtual void assemble ()
void attachments (List *dst, bool incAlternatives=false)
QCString body ()
void changeEncoding (Headers::contentEncoding e)
virtual void clear ()
 Content (const QCString &h, const QCString &b)
Headers::ContentDescription * contentDescription (bool create=true)
Headers::CDispositioncontentDisposition (bool create=true)
Headers::CTEncodingcontentTransferEncoding (bool create=true)
Headers::ContentTypecontentType (bool create=true)
QByteArray decodedContent ()
void decodedText (QStringList &s, bool trimText=false, bool removeTrailingNewlines=false)
void decodedText (QString &s, bool trimText=false, bool removeTrailingNewlines=false)
QCString defaultCharset ()
QCString encodedContent (bool useCrLf=false)
bool forceDefaultCS ()
void fromUnicodeString (const QString &s)
virtual Headers::BasegetHeaderByType (const char *type)
Headers::GenericgetNextHeader (QCString &head)
bool hasContent ()
bool hasHeader (const char *type)
QCString head ()
int lineCount ()
virtual void parse ()
void removeContent (Content *c, bool del=false)
virtual bool removeHeader (const char *type)
void setBody (const QCString &str)
void setContent (const QCString &s)
void setContent (QStrList *l)
void setDefaultCharset (const QCString &cs)
virtual void setForceDefaultCS (bool b)
virtual void setHeader (Headers::Base *h)
int size ()
int storageSize ()
ContenttextContent ()
void toStream (QTextStream &ts, bool scrambleFromLines=false)
virtual articleType type ()

Protected Member Functions

bool decodeText ()
template<class T>
T * getHeaderInstance (T *ptr, bool create)
QCString rawHeader (const char *name)

Protected Attributes

QCString b_ody
List * c_ontents
const char * d_efaultCS
bool f_orceDefaultCS
QCString h_ead
Headers::Base::List * h_eaders

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