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void CDisposition::from7BitString ( const QCString &   )  [virtual]

Parse the given string. Take care of RFC2047-encoded strings. A default charset is given. If the last parameter is true the default charset is used in any case

Reimplemented from KMime::Headers::Base.

Definition at line 1562 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

References KMime::Headers::Base::defaultCS(), and KMime::Headers::Base::forceCS().

  if(strncasecmp(s.data(), "attachment", 10)==0)
  else d_isp=CDinline;

  int pos=s.find("filename=", 0, false);
  QCString fn;
  if(pos>-1) {
    fn=s.mid(pos, s.length()-pos);
    f_ilename=decodeRFC2047String(fn, &e_ncCS, defaultCS(), forceCS());

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