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KMime::Headers::ContentType Class Reference

#include <kmime_headers.h>

Inheritance diagram for KMime::Headers::ContentType:


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Detailed Description

Represents a "Content-Type" header

Definition at line 1045 of file kmime_headers.h.

Public Types

typedef QPtrList< BaseList

Public Member Functions

virtual QCString as7BitString (bool incType=true)
virtual QString asUnicodeString ()
QCString boundary ()
contentCategory category ()
QCString charset ()
virtual void clear ()
 ContentType (Content *p, const QString &s)
 ContentType (Content *p, const QCString &s)
 ContentType (Content *p)
QCString defaultCS ()
bool forceCS ()
virtual void from7BitString (const QCString &s)
virtual void fromUnicodeString (const QString &s, const QCString &)
QCString id ()
bool is (const char *t)
virtual bool isEmpty ()
bool isHTMLText ()
bool isImage ()
bool isMediatype (const char *s)
bool isMimeHeader ()
bool isMultipart ()
bool isPartial ()
bool isPlainText ()
bool isSubtype (const char *s)
bool isText ()
bool isXHeader ()
QCString mediaType ()
QCString mimeType ()
QString name ()
KMime::Contentparent ()
int partialCount ()
int partialNumber ()
QCString rfc2047Charset ()
void setBoundary (const QCString &s)
void setCategory (contentCategory c)
void setCharset (const QCString &s)
void setId (const QCString &s)
void setMimeType (const QCString &s)
void setName (const QString &s, const QCString &cs)
void setParent (KMime::Content *p)
void setPartialParams (int total, int number)
void setRFC2047Charset (const QCString &cs)
QCString subType ()
virtual const char * type ()

Protected Member Functions

QCString getParameter (const char *name)
void setParameter (const QCString &name, const QCString &value, bool doubleQuotes=false)
QCString typeIntro ()

Protected Attributes

contentCategory c_ategory
const char * e_ncCS
QCString m_imeType
QCString p_arams

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