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Mailody::DB Class Reference

#include <db.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is responsible for the communication with the sqlite database.

Definition at line 42 of file db.h.

Public Member Functions

void addCert (const QString &, int error)
void addFlag (const QString &mb, const QString flag)
void addFlag (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString flag)
void addToRecentList (const QString &email, const QString &name)
void beginTransaction ()
void commitTransaction ()
void createID (int uid, const QString &mb)
 DB ()
void deleteFromRecentList (const QString &email)
void deleteMessage (int uid, const QString &mb)
void deleteMessages (const QString &mb)
void deleteMessagesAndMailBoxes (const QString &mb)
void deleteMessagesAndMailBoxes ()
bool execSql (const QString &sql, QStringList *const values=0, const bool debug=false)
void expunge (const QString &mb)
QString getBody (int uid, const QString &mb)
QStringList getCheckMailBoxList ()
void getCurrentMessageIDs (const QString &mb, QStringList &values)
void getCurrentMessages (const QString &mb, QStringList &values)
QString getFlags (int uid, const QString &mb)
QString getHeader (int uid, const QString &mb)
QStringList getMailBoxList ()
void getMinMax (const QString &box, int &min, int &max)
void getRecentList (QStringList &values)
void getResult (const QString &sql, QStringList &values)
QString getSetting (const QString &keyword)
void getTopTenRecentList (QStringList &values)
int getTotalMessagesMailbox (const QString &box)
int getTotalMessagesMessages (const QString &box)
int getTotalSeenMessagesMessages (const QString &box)
bool hasBody (int uid, const QString &mb)
bool hasCert (const QString &, int error)
bool hasFlag (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString &flag)
bool hasHeader (int uid, const QString &mb)
void insertMailBox (const QString &mb)
bool isValid () const
Q_LLONG lastInsertedRow () const
void removeFlag (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString flag)
void renameMailBox (const QString &oldBox, const QString &newBox)
void search (const QStringList &keywords, QStringList &values)
void setCheckMailMailbox (const QString &box, int check)
void setDBPath (const QString &path)
void setFlags (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString &flag)
void setSetting (const QString &keyword, const QString &value)
void setTotalMessagesMailbox (const QString &box, int amount)
void storeBody (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString &body)
void storeHeaders (int uid, const QString &mb, const QString &header)
 ~DB ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DBdbinstance ()

Private Member Functions

QString escapeString (const QString &str) const
void initDB ()

Private Attributes

DBPriv * d
sqleet3 * m_db
bool m_valid

Static Private Attributes

static DBm_dbinstance = 0

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