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Mailody::ImapManager Class Reference

#include <imapmanager.h>

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Detailed Description

Responsible for communicating with the imaplib and storing stuff in the database.
Tom Albers <tomalbers@kde.nl>

Definition at line 38 of file imapmanager.h.


void allUidsKnown (const QString &)
void loginOk ()
void mailBox (const QString &box, const QStringList &values)
void mailBoxAdded (const QString &mb)
void mailBoxAddition (const QString &box, const QStringList &values)
void mailBoxDeleted (const QString &mb)
void mailBoxList (const QStringList &)
void message (const QString &mb, int uid, const QString &text)
void messageCount (const QString &mb, int amount)
void saveDone ()
void showSettings ()
void status (const QString &)
void statusError (const QString &)
void statusReady ()
void unseenCount (const QString &mb, int amount)

Public Member Functions

void addFlag (const QString &box, const QString &flag)
void addFlag (const QString &box, int uid, const QString &flag)
void checkMail (const QString &box)
void copyMessage (const QString &origbox, int uid, const QString &destbox)
void createMailBox (const QString &box)
void deleteMailBox (const QString &box)
void expungeMailBox (const QString &box)
QString getHeader (const QString &mb, int uid)
void getMailBox (const QString &box, bool sync=false)
void getMailBoxList (bool sync=false)
void getMessage (const QString &mb, int uid)
bool hasFlag (const QString &box, int uid, const QString &flag)
void idleStart (const QString &mb)
void idleStop ()
 ImapManager (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
void moveMessage (const QString &origbox, int uid, const QString &destbox)
void removeFlag (const QString &box, int uid, const QString &flag)
void renameMailBox (const QString &oldfolder, const QString &newfolder)
void saveMessage (const QString &mb, const QString &message, const QString &flags=QString::null)
void startConnection ()
void updateStatus (const QString &box)
 ~ImapManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ImapManagerinstance ()

Private Slots

void slotAlert (Imaplib *, const QString &)
void slotDisconnected ()
void slotError (const QString &)
void slotGetMailBox (Imaplib *, const QString &, const QStringList &)
void slotGetMailBoxList (const QStringList &)
void slotGetMessage (Imaplib *, const QString &, int, const QString &)
void slotIntegrity (const QString &mb, int totalShouldBe, const QString &uidvalidity, const QString &uidnext)
void slotLogin (Imaplib *)
void slotLoginFailed (Imaplib *)
void slotMailBoxAdded (const QString &)
void slotMailBoxExpunged (Imaplib *, const QString &box)
void slotMailBoxItems (Imaplib *, const QString &, const QStringList &)
void slotMailBoxRemoved (const QString &)
void slotMailBoxRenamed (const QString &, const QString &)
void slotMessagesInMailbox (Imaplib *, const QString &, int)
void slotUnseenMessagesInMailbox (Imaplib *, const QString &, int)

Private Member Functions

void manualAuth (Imaplib *, const QString &)

Private Attributes

QStringList m_capabilities
QTimer * m_checkMailTimer
QTimer * m_preventLogOutTimer
QString m_received

Static Private Attributes

static ImapManagerm_instance = 0

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