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Mailody::Imaplib Class Reference

#include <imaplib.h>

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Detailed Description

Responsible for communicating with the server and emitting the results back
Tom Albers <tomalbers@kde.nl>

Definition at line 82 of file imaplib.h.


void alert (Imaplib *, const QString &)
void disconnected ()
void error (const QString &)
void expungeCompleted (Imaplib *, const QString &mb)
void integrity (const QString &, int, const QString &, const QString &)
void itemsInMailBox (Imaplib *, const QString &mb, const QStringList &values)
void login (Imaplib *)
void loginFailed (Imaplib *)
void loginOk (Imaplib *)
void mailBox (Imaplib *, const QString &, const QStringList &values)
void mailBoxAdded (const QString &)
void mailBoxDeleted (const QString &)
void mailBoxList (const QStringList &)
void mailBoxRenamed (const QString &, const QString &)
void message (Imaplib *, const QString &mb, int uid, const QString &)
void messageCount (Imaplib *, const QString &mb, int amount)
void saveDone ()
void status (const QString &)
void statusError (const QString &)
void statusReady ()
void unseenCount (Imaplib *, const QString &mb, int amount)

Public Member Functions

void addFlag (const QString &box, int uidmin, int uidmax, const QString &flag)
bool capable (const QString &something)
void checkMail (const QString &box)
void copyMessage (const QString &origbox, int uid, const QString &destbox)
void createMailBox (const QString &box)
void deleteMailBox (const QString &box)
void expungeMailBox (const QString &box)
void getHeaderList (const QString &mb, int start, int end)
void getHeaders (const QString &mb, const QStringList &uids)
void getMailBox (const QString &box)
void getMailBoxList ()
void getMessage (const QString &mb, int uid)
void idleStart (const QString &mb)
void idleStop ()
 Imaplib (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
void login (const QString &username, const QString &password)
void logout ()
void removeFlag (const QString &box, int uidmin, int uidmax, const QString &flag)
void renameMailBox (const QString &oldfolder, const QString &newfolder)
void saveMessage (const QString &mb, const QString &message, const QString &flags=QString::null)
void startConnection (const QString &, int port, SocketSafe::Secure safe)
 ~Imaplib ()

Private Types

enum  State {
  NotConnected = 0, Connected, NotAuthenticated, Authenticated,
  Selected, LoggedOut

Private Slots

void slotConnected ()
void slotParseCheckMail ()
void slotParseCopy ()
void slotParseCreateMailBox ()
void slotParseDeleteMailBox ()
void slotParseExists ()
void slotParseExpunge ()
void slotParseGetHeaderList ()
void slotParseGetMailBoxList ()
void slotParseGetMessage ()
void slotParseGetRecent ()
void slotParseNoop ()
void slotParseRenameMailBox ()
void slotParseSaveMessage ()
void slotProcessQueue ()
void slotRead (const QString &)
void slotSendNoop ()
void slotTLS ()

Private Member Functions

void selectMailBox (const QString &box)
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)
void write (const QString &text)

Private Attributes

QStringList m_capabilities
QTimer * m_checkMailTimer
QString m_currentMailbox
Queue m_currentQueueItem
State m_currentState
int m_port
QTimer * m_preventLogOutTimer
QValueList< Queue > m_queue
bool m_readyToSend
QString m_received
SocketSafe::Secure m_safe
QString m_server

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