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Mailody::MessageData Class Reference

#include <messagedata.h>

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Detailed Description

This is the main class which holds a message. It will disect the message and fill the variables.
Tom Albers <tomalbers@kde.nl>

Definition at line 46 of file messagedata.h.

Public Types

enum  bodyType { Plain = 0, HTML, Source }


void addContent (const MessageData *, const QString &, const QString &)
void messageData (const MessageData *)

Public Member Functions

QMap< QString, QString > attachments () const
QString body () const
QString cc () const
QStringList * cc_list () const
QDateTime date () const
void done ()
QString getXMS ()
int getXMSP ()
bool hasUserTag (int i) const
QString headers () const
QString inreplyto () const
bool isDeleted () const
bool isNew () const
QString mb () const
 MessageData (QWidget *parent, const char *name, int uid, const QString &mb, const QString &headers)
 MessageData (QWidget *parent, const char *name, int uid, const QString &mb)
QString messageID () const
QString originalBody () const
QString raw () const
QString replyTo () const
void requestBody (bodyType)
QString resentFrom () const
QString resentTo () const
QString sender () const
QString sender_email () const
QString sender_full (bool i)
void setBlocked (bool block)
void setSortDate (QDateTime t)
int size () const
QDateTime sortDate () const
QString subject ()
QString to () const
QStringList * to_list () const
int uid () const
QString userAgent () const
QString vDate () const
QString vSize () const
 ~MessageData ()

Private Slots

void slotBodyReady (const QString &, int, const QString &)

Private Member Functions

QString highlightParagraph (const QString &text)
void initialise_needed ()
void initialise_rest ()
void parseEmail (QString &email)

Private Attributes

QMap< QString, QString > m_attachments
bool m_block
QString m_body
bodyType m_bodyType
QString m_cc
QStringList * m_cc_addresses
QString m_company
QDateTime m_date
bool m_delete
QStringList m_flags
QString m_headers
bool m_initialized_all
QString m_inreplyto
QString m_mb
QString m_messageID
QString m_raw
QString m_realraw
QString m_replyTo
QString m_resentFrom
QString m_resentTo
QString m_sender
QString m_sender_email
QString m_sender_full
int m_size
QDateTime m_sortDate
QString m_subject
QString m_to
QStringList * m_to_addresses
int m_uid
QString m_userAgent
QString m_vDate
QString m_xms
int m_xmsp

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