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Mailody Documentation


Welcome the documentation of Mailody.

Mailody is build up into different levels:

Mailody::SocketSafe is the lowest level, it communicates on socket level. Mailody::DB is on the similar level. It communicates to sqlite.

After that, we have the Mailody::Imap class. This communicated to the socket and is the interface to the rest of the application.

Then there are two mainwidgets, that are Mailody::MainWindow and the Mailody::Composer. They each have some helpers. So is there a Mailody::ToolTip, Mailody::MailBoxListView, Mailody::HeaderListView and Mailody::TotalView for the mainwindow.

Mailody::DataListView is a helper for Mailody::Composer, similar to Mailody::AddresslineEdit, FileBrowserNS::FileBrowser and the SideBar::SideBar.

Some methods are used often, you can use the Mailody::Global class for those static functions.

Every class should be documented. Classes written for Mailody should all go into the Mailody namespace, all other classes, should be set in their own namespace if possible.

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